The primary students not only have great home room teachers to help them with their learning. Some of the Secondary students have come into the classroom to share their understanding of technology and the many opportunities it provides.

Drones with Grade 1:
“Working with Grade 1, especially with a subject they are so excited about, was incredibly rewarding. The lesson started off with me giving a short introduction to the drone, and it’s different parts to the class. This was very different from any kind of presentation I have given in the past, not just because it required me to simplify a rather complex and technical topic to a simple but still accurate representation. Simply maintaining their attention was a challenge. I definitely believe that this was not out of spite or disinterest, as they were more than excited to learn more about the quadcopter, but a result of their young age.

During this little presentation, I explained how each one of the components of the drone contributed to it flying, all the while taking it out of its case and assembling the many pieces together. After we all put on our coats, as it was rather cold outside, we walked to the grass in front of the school, where the grade 1s finally got a chance to see the drone fly. I must say it was rather nerve-racking to fly the drone that day, as it was very windy, and I really did not want to crash-land the drone on top of them. We agreed that for safety reasons, everybody would stay behind a path running through the field, which however proved a little challenging for a bunch of very excited kid. In the end I landed safely, and provided Grade one with a few birds-eye shots which hopefully proved useful in their mapping unit.” -Philipp

IMG_0713 (1)

3d Printing with Grade 3:

I recently had the opportunity to introduce 3D printing to IICS’s grade 3 class as part of a co-curricular project. 3D printing is an emerging part of technology that has the potential to be integrated to everyday life in the near future. The limitless creativity that goes hand in hand with 3D printing is exactly what students at IICS are encouraged to do. This is the reason we deemed it best for the younger generations the learn about, and use 3D printing.

The class was working on a production unit, during which they would use their creativity and design charms, pendants, bookmarks, and other trinkets. In previous years, the students were limited to paper, string, and beads. The third grade students were quite enthusiastic and wanted to jump into the printing  process, coming up with many ideas on the spot. I loved answering all the questions, providing advice for ideas, and congratulating students on their thinking. I hope I can continue passing on what I know to more students in IICS. – Ayush