Here’s how to gather individual data on specific students for reports and reflections on student traits that are exhibited.
Step 1: Click the links below to open your observation results:
Hisar Campus Reports
Step 2. Click on the little triangle at the top of column C and then Sort sheet by A – Z
Inline image 1
Step 3: Find the row that the student you want to identify is on, and click the first row in the gray numbered area and then scroll down to the last row where the child’s name is and hold the shift button to select all the rows in between.
Inline image 2
Step 4: Once you have selected the rows with the individual student data you want. Press Command C to copy the data.
Step 5: On the bottom of the spreadsheet, click the Individual tab. Once there, delete the current data.
Inline image 3
Step 6: Select row 2 by clicking the gray 2 once and then press Command V to paste your new data.
Step 7: Click on the Data tab and see the automatically tabulated data and graphs to review
Inline image 1